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Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life


My personal experience and curiosity has taught me that great health is not just pain free movement but requires the optimum balance of ‘Body and Mind’.


I work holistically, recognising that while we are alive, our cells continue to ‘ebb and flow’, therefore our human form is a self-regulating, self-organising, restorative system. I use traditional evidence based ‘Physiotherapy’ to correct faulty biomechanics and experientially have seen the value in alternative practices such as ‘Breathwork’ to promote emotional wellbeing.


My approach seeks to avoid unnecessary medical interventions that often only provide short term fixes and help you thrive to live the life you deserve.


A Thorough and skilled physiotherapy assessment provides the basis for an effective rehabilitation plan.


I am skilled to provide a broad range of treatment options, in order to create the optimal healing environment your body needs to regenerate and repair.



Sports massage and Soft Tissue Work

Specifically directed to alleviate Tension, Pain and Restrictions of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia or joint capsules.


Improved systemic circulation

Stimulation of Lymphatic flow

Facilitate removal of metabolic toxins

Increase or decrease soft tissue tension

Increase or decrease soft tissue length

Pre event preparation, Post event recovery


Manipulative Therapy

Skilled and specific application of joint manipulation effectively relieves restrictions, reducing stiffness and pain to promote greater flexibility.


This further stimulates muscle relaxation and ‘body awareness’ enhancing the body-mind connection.