About Me... 


Following a successful banking career in the city, I decided to pursue my  ambition to retrain as a Physiotherapist. 


Qualifying with BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy from the prestigious St Georges university London in 2007. I developed a broad range of knowledge and experience across a variety of disciplines in the NHS, including: Paediatric Rheumatology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Neurological Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics and his passion for Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Building on my passion and curiosity, I sat an MSc in Exercise and Sports Medicine at Queen Mary University London and focused my research on Lower Limb Injuries.

As a specialist in movement dysfunction, I view the body holistically, recognising the interconnection between all the different parts. Finding the root cause of the problem, I'm able to help clients achieve long term results. 

Transformational Breath  

A stressful period on my own life and touching the brink of burnout led me discover Breathwork. I now understand how and why we set ourselves up in unhelpful stress cycles and how our life experiences shape the way we breath. Our individual breath pattern tells an accurate story and is as unique as our fingerprint.

We use our breath to manage and navigate stressful or emotional life experiences. 'E-motions' are energy in motion and when suppress them, they are stored in the body. They then influence our breathing patterns, posture and movement through muscular tension held in the body.

Our breathing patterns also influence how we feel, the thoughts we have and therefore directly affect our behaviour.  

I can help to draw attention to your breathing patterns. Correcting breathing patterns, is an effective and efficient way to positively regulate our emotional and physical wellbeing. ​

Stress is perceived in the mind, suffered in the human spirit, experienced via emotions, expressed in behaviour and 'held' in the'body'.