As with all living dynamic fluid systems, the human body has an incredible capacity for transformation, growth and repair. 

Steven Bannister

Why Strength and conditioning alone is not enough!

The way we move is literally related to the way we show up in the world. Our movement is shaped by the experiences and circumstances of our lives...and it is unique! 

Rarely do injuries occur randomly, they are often related to unhelpful movement strategies and patterns that evolve over time. 


Injuries that we sustained over the years, even dating back to childhood will be having an influence on our movement patterns today and unless they are addressed and corrected, no amount of 'strength and conditioning' will protect from re-injury.

I have assessed 1000's of clients over the years and as a movement specialist, I'm able to help identify subtle mechanical issues that have been creating problem and recurrent injuries.

Addressing and correcting mechanical joint and muscle problems, is the basis of any successful rehabilitation programme! 

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