Transformational Breath®


'The healer you've been looking for, is your own courage to know and love yourself'


 Yung Pueblo

Breathe to better Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Transformational Breath ® is a safe, easy-to-learn, self-healing modality that dates back thousands of years and linked to the ancient Yogic practices of ‘prana- yama’ and Tibetan Tantric Tummo. 

Conscious connected breathing, with no pause between the inhale and the exhale is used to create continuous flow. This is combined with gentle body pressure, movement and sound, together with positive affirmations by the facilitator. 

Addressing our unhealthy breathing patterns immediately improves the function of our cells, creating more energy and physical wellbeing. 

Over time our breathing changes in response to emotional or environmental stresses and is stored as tension in the tissues of the body.  Conscious breathing works to release old 'trauma' and pain, creating inner peace, clarity that leads to greater emotional and mental wellbeing.   

Having experienced the powerful positive effects of Transformational Breath ® myself, I look forward to introducing you to this simple, effective and fast acting technique, that improves the way we breathe and more importantly, the way we live our lives.