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Physiotherapy & BreathWork

Harbhajan singh yogi

Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life

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My Approach

With over 15 years of experience in health and wellness, including work within the NHS, Private Practice and Sport, I’ve helped thousands of clients achieve their lifestyle goals.

As a Physiotherapist with an MSc in Sports and Exercise therapy, I understand the value of optimal movement. As a Transformational Breath ® facilitator and through personal experience, I feel passionate about the value and benefits of optimal breathing. Our breathing is the gateway to better physical and emotional wellbeing. 

My unique approach is holistic and personally tailored, recognising that great health is available to everyone and achieved by attending to the balance of body and mind.

This ensures my clients are able to return to a full active life quickly and with the knowledge to maintain health results long term.

Movement and Breath help you connect with your body, creating the optimal environment for healing and repair. Getting you back in the flow of life.


Steven Bannister

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC

MSc Sports & Exercise Medicine

Transformational Breath ® Facilitator

Mountains in Clouds


Restore   Regenerate   Revitalise

What to expect..

A through and skilled assessment will take place on your first visit.


A detailed history is crucial, to identify any movement or environmental factors that may have caused the injury.


Previous injuries will also be considered. Often these factors have a direct influence on muscle tension through the body, causing changes in movement and posture.


A breathing assessment will help identify dysfunctional patterns. How we breathe influences how well our nervous system is working, in order to promote healing and repair.


Successful treatment using manual therapy, movement based exercises and breathing techniques, will help resolve symptoms quickly. Education on the cause of your problem will ensure you get better and remain injury free long term.

Contact Steve for more information and bookings. 

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

A thorough and skilled physiotherapy assessment provides the basis for an effective rehabilitation plan.


I am highly skilled to provide a broad range of treatment options, in order to create the optimal healing environment your body needs to regenerate and repair.




Skilled and specific application of joint manipulation effectively relieves restrictions, reducing stiffness and pain to promote greater flexibility.


This technique is an  effective method to improve 'body awareness' and works to enhance the body-mind connection. 


Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Work

Specifically directed to alleviate tension, pain and restrictions of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia or joint capsules.


Soft tissue in the body is very adaptable and with the use of skilled physiotherapy techniques such as deep tissue massage and myofascial release, symptoms are eased and movement restored. 



Skilled use of Acupuncture helps to enhance the body’s natural healing process, alleviate symptoms and facilitate effective recovery and rehabilitation.


Releasing useful hormones such as melatonin and serotonin, helps not only reduce pain but may also promote restful sleep.



Exercise Therapy

Movement is exercise

and specifically prescribed movements will strengthen muscles, improve soft tissue flexibility and maintain joint health.  


I have an MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine and will provide a specific and tailored exercise plan to complement any manual treatment techniques. 



Ergonomic assessments

The majority of painful presentations are the result of our interaction with our environment.


I offer effective advice on lifestyle and work based set ups to ensure your body is able to function optimally in any environment.


Dandelion Leaves

Stress is perceived in the mind, suffered in the human spirit, experienced via emotions, expressed in behaviour and 'held' in the 'body'.    





'For breath is life, and if you breathe will live long on earth.


                                                                                                     Sanskrit Proverb

Breathe into your untapped potential,
connecting your body and mind. 
Helping to expand and utilise your full respiratory system, Transformational Breath ® helps to improve energy levels, through improved oxygenation, balancing the flow of energy to positively impact emotional wellbeing, physical healing and repair.

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Everyone can benefit...
Helping to expand and utilise your full respiratory system, Transformational Breath ® helps to improve energy levels, through improved oxygenation, balancing the flow of energy to positively impact emotional wellbeing, physical healing and repair. 


  • Improved performance and maximise energy levels

  • Strengthen and support your immune system

  • Relieve joint and muscular tension and pain

  • Enhanced emotional regulation 

  • Reduce Stress and anxiety

  • Expand you connection with self and others

  • Greater Intuition, clarity and purpose

  • Bring forth your true nature,

  • Enhanced expression of joy, love and creativity

What to expect..

Conscious Connected BreathWork is an effective technique, to improve unhelpful breathing patterns, to access our bodies innate capacity for self-healing and self regulation, to achieve better physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Conscious connected breathing, is a simple and effective breathing technique with a long history.  When we connect more deeply with our breath, we begin to connect with our body, feeling into emotions rather than constantly seeking to manage them with the rational mind. We start to feel more present, peaceful and have greater clarity of thought, by tuning into a felt sense within the body. 


‘There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy’ 

                                                                                                            Friedrich Nietzsche


I also use coaching, sound, movement and body mapping, a a form of ‘acupressure’. This combination of techniques helps to expand the breath by removing muscular restrictions that have been used over years to manage stressful situations and difficult emotions. The result is a improved energy levels, oxygen, the release of emotional blockages and physical restrictions. 



I would just like to express my thanks to Steve for the wonderful treatment I received last week.


I had been struggling with a knee issue for a number of months since lockdown. His understanding and reassurance was exactly what I needed and I’m pleased to say its feeling much better already.